Commission Processing

Automated Commission Processing- no experience needed

Sure, Equalizer speeds and simplifies commission processing but as you would expect, at Equalizer we do so much more:

  • Identify all electronic data feeds available for direct Mutual Fund, Variable Life & Annuity, REIT, and Clearing firm activities.
  • Sources include: DST, DAZL, DTCC/NSCC, Oppenheimer Funds, Southwest Securities, Pershing, and more.
  • Retrieve and import all files daily.
  • Simple entry of remaining paper statements - with built in error prevention.
  • Batch and pay commissions weekly, bimonthly or monthly (or anytime in between) with a single click.
  • Viewing commissions on line as are received, wasteful “did we get paid on ….. yet” questions from Reps are eliminated.
  • Exclusive reports effortlessly provide exact data needed for regulators and FOCUS preparation.
  • Deductions for expenses (technology, E&O, licensing, postage, etc) can be entered as one time or recurring.
  • Any uncovered debits automatically carry forward to next statement.
  • Split / joint Rep codes accommodated.
  • Representatives commission statement is clear and detailed. All viewed, accessed and stored on line eliminating paper.
….by Broker Dealers, for Broker Dealers
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