What are people saying about Equalizer?
Facing our firms 8th regulatory audit, having Equalizer we never felt so comfortable
Now that Brokers see their pending commissions in real time as we receive them, they don’t tie up home office staff asking.
Fabulous to have client summary at your finger tips.
BD Equalizer gives me everything I need for my clients all in one place, and it’s very easy to navigate.
Demonstration Comments
We want it - tomorrow.
With (competitor - name omitted) Consolidated Investments alone are astronomically expensive.
This is amazing, I’m impressed” (re Equalizers’ integration with LaserApp.
You just won our hearts.
Those are all the customers investment values? We used to spend half our day doing just that.
that’s so easy, with (competitor -name omitted) we had to go into 4 screens to do all that.
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