What sets us Apart…
What sets us Apart… and Ahead

Equalizer started and is designed specifically for the independent BD RIA community. Our mission is to organize, standardize, simplify and make operating any sized firm manageable.

Intuitive design and extensive on-screen guidance make for a remarkably short learning curve. Equalizer is easy to use because it was designed by CEOs, CCOs, Operation Managers and Reps/IARs

Exclusive Features
Sales disclosures

Our exclusive product disclosure library eliminates the need for your firm to create, maintain and distribute paper forms. These forms are updated constantly with input from the BD community to stay compliant. With Equalizer, representatives are no longer asked to select the required disclosures. We provide them with a single signature-ready document containing the exact language needed for every direct transaction involving mutual funds, variable annuities, 529s, REITs and more. Equalizer is personalized to each customer and it further enhances your professional image.

New Account Form processing

NAFs are prefilled, signed and can be easily uploaded. Equalizer makes NAF submission, approval and tracking 100% paperless. The required 17a3 letter is generated (window envelope ready) for quick mailing to customer. Suitability data is tracked and the request to refresh is sent every 36 months as required by securities regulations. FINCEN and OFAC checks are performed 100% automatically and are documented for regulators.

Direct business transaction, entry and processing

Equalizer empowers representatives by providing an easy process for them to conduct their business electronically. On-screen guidance ensures that NAF and product disclosures are in place and our LaserApp integration prefills the account application. All of the transactions and NAFs submitted through Equalizer appear in the supervisor's task queue. Transactions are prescreened using compliance flags and are automatically placed on the firm's blotter. Reduced mail time, cost, paper handling and error removes a substantial workload from home office staff and saves you money.

Clearing Firm Business

NAFs, clearing firm account applications, transfer and other forms are prefilled and stored electronically. FINCEN and OFAC checks are performed 100% automatically and are documented for regulators.

LaserApp Anywhere

Few representatives take the initiative to purchase and maintain LaserApp individually which requires installation on every device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) it is used on. While Equalizer integrates with that method, a superior solution is our LaserApp Anywhere integration:

  • All representatives, back office personnel and administrators have access to the time-saving, accurate and professionally prefilled forms.
  • Our web-based solution eliminates the need to install LaserApp Enterprise on a computer.
  • Equalizer preselects and prefills the form needed.
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